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What Is This?? (A Kind of Japanese Foods)



It looks like bologna sausage,but it's main ingredient is fish meat and is not smoked .

Chikuwa(bamboo rings) is a stick shaped fish cake.It's ingredients are kneaded fish meat such as flying fish,shark or cod etc.,a binding agent such as starch or flour to help form the shape of bar,sugar and salt.The fish paste formed as bar is steamed and then grilled to color the outer layer brown. Fish meat as the Ingredients of chikuwa is different respectively brand by brand.

Fresh chikuwa is cut into slices and eaten as it is, but should be eaten as soon as possible after you bought it.It also boiled with soy sauce or fried as Tenpura ( a typical Japanese dish).

Chikuwa is a healthy food of low cholesterol ,but it also contains salt,so please be careful with the amount of sodium intake.