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What Is This??

Sweet Potato

This photograph shows steamed sweet potato from my vegie garden.Sweet potate is likely eaten by Japanese, especially by women.This nutritious and healthy tuber was transfered from South America to Europe with other vegetables such as potato ,tobacco by Columbus.And then,it came to one of Ryukyu Islands(Okinawa in now ) of Japan in 16th century.

There are many ways to cook sweet potato such as steaming ,baking and deep frying(ex.Tnenpura)
I think the best way to enjoy sweetness of it is to steam.The reason is that the sweetness of starch included in sweet potato increase gradually by gentle heating.
Nutritional value of sweet potato is high, because which contains much amount of Vitamin C,Vitamin E,potassium and dietary fiber .
It is said that sweet potate is good for improvement of constipation since it contains dietary fiber much and any glycoside that improve constipation.

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