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New Century

A new century starts
Succeeding a wonderful civilization and the prosperity of the 20th century
Does a new century bring further advancement and the prosperity?
If it is possible to do, I hope the advancement and the prosperity be had to slow down the speed a little
Because the civilization has already advanced enough and the society prospered more than that expected
You might be allowed to walk from this time slowly
To make the minds of people more humanistic and warmer
To defend this beautiful abundant green planets
Now, and walk ,this new century


Blue Sky in Winter

Blue sky in the clean air of Winter
It is wide, and deep and deep
A white cloud is floating by getting on the north wind
Though it is likely to flow at a surely terrible speed
As comfortably as the airship
Acrossing a wide, deep blue sky





Blue Sapphire

A blue planet is floating in space
Why this star is so beautiful, as this blue color
As the oasis in the desert of desolate space
Blue sapphire which sparkled in stardust
I want it to keep sparkling eternally in the corner of space
This lovely blue planet


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