Eating Fish In Japanese Style
How to Eat Fish


A.Preparation of Fish
Types of Fish Cuts
Way of Cutting Fish
In Japanese ,but you can learn easily by photo. Please click third line(blue) of left flame.
Three piece cut of Bonito(in Japanese)
B.Recipe of Each Dish



Sashimi is the one of popular foods in Japan and is cooked by very simple method. It is sliced raw fish,cut in Saappropriate sizes, which are dipped in soy sauce with grated Japanese horse radish(wasabi) and eaten.

I guess you may hesitate to eat sashimi if you have a chance to eat it. I recommend you to try it but carefuly check the freshness of them.Materials used for sashimi are always chosen with special attention ,for it is most important that they should be fresh. It determines the proficiency of the cook's skill how to select and prepare high quality ingredients .Generaly Japanese cuisine are so simple that make use of the quality of the material most effectively.

Japanese people likely eat maguro (tuna).hamachi(yellow tale),katsuo(bonito),ika(squid)as sashimi. If you can get fresh fish avove mentioned ,please try eat them as sashimi. When you try sashimi,please don't forget soy sauce.Although Japanese horse radish has substitute such as horse radish and ginger ,but soy sauce is essential for sashimi.

If you put a piece of sashimi on a rice block (seasoned by vinegar and sugar),you can easily make a sushi .The following is sushi of Tuna(MAGURO SUSHI in Japanese).As you know ,sushi is healthy food and Tuna is also good for health because which highly containes omega 3 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA good for our cardiovascular system and brain.

Maguro Sushi(Sushi of Tuna)

Delicious: Sashimi
Yasuko-san's Home Cooking/Sashimi - squid
Sashimi(Schauwecker's guide to Japan)
Attention !
Notes on Sushi and Parasites


Photo is Salt-Broiled Saury
Draw the entrails and wash with water to remove remaining organs and blood, and pat dry.
Sprinkle salt slightly and broil it.

Eat as it is or put soy sauce with grated DAIKON(in Japanese)radish.



Niramidai (Broiled Sea Bream)





Yasuko-san's Home Cooking/Baked horse mackerel with sweet soybean paste
Yasuko-san's Home Cooking/Grilled yellowtail's kama
Yasuko-san's Home Cooking/Grilled squid stuffed with arms and welsh onion
Yasuko-san's Home Cooking/Grilled yellowtail with teriyaki sauce
Broiled salmon with miso(soybean paste)


SFillet or cleaned whole body of small fish with soy sauce , sake(rice wine) ,dashi soup or water and sugar if it need .It is highly recommended to add some pieces of ginger to reduce fishly odor.





Yasuko-san's Home Cooking/Simeered yellowtail in soy sauce
Yasuko-san's Home Cooking/Simmered cod roe



Coat the piece of fillet of fish or shrimp with flour solution(egg+ice water 1:flour1) and fry them with enough hot vegetable oil at the temperature of 330340.





Japan Interactive-TENPURA/
Japanese Cuisine
Tempura Recipe
Tokyo Food Page -- Tempura Recipe

2)FURAI/Fry with bread crumbs

Coat the piece of fillet of fish or shrimp with stirred egg and then with bread crumb .Fry them as Tenpura.





Tokyo Food Page -- Tonkatsu Basics
The procedure of cooking TONKATU is as same as FURAI of fish. Since the difference is only that Tonkatsu uses pork meat instead of fish meat, you can learn the way of cooking on FURAI of fish by this recipe..

3)KARAAGE/Fry as they are.

Pat dry cleaned whole body of small fish or proper size of fillet with flour sligtly.
Fry as Tenpura.
IIn case of small fish,it is recommended fry enough to eat even fish bone





Fish bone is also able to eaten and supplies calcium.






Deep fried small shrimp is aromatic and rich with chitine and chitosan which inhibit intestinal abosorption of cholesterol.







Yasuko-san's Home Cooking/Deep-fried squid ring
Yasuko-san's Home Cooking/Deep-fried mackerel with sweet vinegar sauce

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