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What Is This??
NORI/Dried Laver(A kind of Seaweed)

Nori is a kind of Japanese traditional food materials and used for Sushi(Norimaki) or wrapping rice ball(Onigiri) oftenly.
It is made from Laver ,a kind of seaweed (Red alga/Asakusanori) .
The laver is collected like the seat of a suitable size(generally 23x18cm), and dried afterwards. Therefore, the laver has shape like paper.




Nori is an essential material for making Norimaki a kind of Sushi .
Temakisushi is also using Nori and you can make it easily at the Sushi bar.
Cooking way of Norimaki:
First of all, the steamed rice is seasoned with vinegar and sugar.
After seasoned it , the rice is uniformly expanded like the seat
on the expanded Nori(dried laver).
And, the seat is rolled up centering on the simmered vegetable, cucumber and Tmagoyaki(a kind of omelette) etc..

Nutritional Value(amount/100g of raw body)

Calorie Protein Fat Calsium Iron VitaminA VitaminD

--- kcal







Nutritional value of Nori is not so excellent but the content of calsium is high and it also containes some minerals including rare metals.Comparatively a lot of vitamins A can be taken though the amount of Nori eaten with meal is a little.

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