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What Is This??
Dried Sardine

Japanese like to eat dried fish such as HIMONO(dried fish of lightly salted ),SURUME(dried squid).Various
generation of sardine are dried and eaten by various cooking way.

No.1 is infant sardine dried as they are .More small one is baby sardine called CHIRIMENJYAKO or SHIRASU in Japanese. After they are boiled and then dried . Japanese often eat vinegared very small sardine with sweeted vinegar and grated DAIKON radish.







No.2 is child sardine .Mostly small anchovies are used. After they are briefly boiled and then dried by sun and wind from the shore of the sea. They are called NIBOSHI or IRIKO(in western Japan). NIBOSHI used for making DASHI soup for miso soup(MISOSHIRU).
Our professor said ,"Tenpura of IRIKO is most nutritious !"at our first class of Biochemistry in 1965. Exactly, I think it is a good supplier of calcium and protein.





No.3 is dried adult sardine called MARUBOSHI. They are lightly salted and dried as they are. The way of eating them is very simple as to which broil slightly.







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