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Healthy Gardening (Dec.29,2000)
From My Veggie Garden in Nothern Osaka.

Some vegetables in winter do not often grow up this year,because the time when their seed were reeled was too late. The broccoli is still short and the Brussels sprouts have not applied a small bud yet now .
Takana(in Japanese) grow up comparatively smoothly in such a situation.


Brussels sprouts



Back Number
Sept.15,2000 Egg plant, Sweet Potato
Sept.24,2000 Asparagus, Red pepper
Sept.30,2000 Peanut, Sweet Potato
Oct. 14,2000 Okura, Sweet green pepper, Cosmos
Oct. 28,2000 Daikon radish,Spinach,Wakegi
Nov.18,2000 Ginger,Penut

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