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Healthy Gardening (March.24,2001)
From My Veggie Garden in Nothern Osaka.

Spring has come!

Long winter ended and spring has come. Vegetables shrinked up with cold of winter have become energetic at once.

Ume (Japanese apricot/plum)

In Japan, Ume blossoms bloom first after the long winter season ended .







Mizuna (Pot herb mustard)

Mizuna has beautiful green feathery leaves and used for miso soups , pickles ,nabemono(one-pot dish), aemono(cooked salad) and nimono (simmered food).






Wakegi (Allium wakegi)

It firmly absorbs the fertilizer under the sunlight of spring and is growing powerfully.





Back Number
Sept.15,2000 Egg plant, Sweet Potato
Sept.24,2000 Asparagus, Red pepper
Sept.30,2000 Peanut, Sweet Potato
Oct. 14,2000 Okura, Sweet green pepper, Cosmos
Oct. 28,2000 Daikon radish,Spinach,Wakegi
Nov.18,2000 Ginger,Penut
Dec.29,2000 Broccori, Brussel's Sprouts, Takana, Onion
Feb. 3, 2001 Brussel's Sprouts, Jaapanese Summer Orange

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