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Healthy Gardening (May.12,2001)
From My Veggie Garden in Nothern Osaka.

Fragrantly breezing May!
The woods shines to green and the wind carries the smell of a sweet flower.

Jagaimo (Potato)

The potato flower is about to bloom exactly now . And, when the leaf begins to wither after a while , it is harvest time.





Tamanegi (Onion)

The onion begins to swell little by little now . Hereafter, we will be able to eat a delicious new onion in about two weeks.










Back Number
Sept.15,2000 Egg plant, Sweet Potato
Sept.24,2000 Asparagus, Red pepper
Sept.30,2000 Peanut, Sweet Potato
Oct. 14,2000 Okura, Sweet green pepper, Cosmos
Oct. 28,2000 Daikon radish,Spinach,Wakegi
Nov.18,2000 Ginger,Penut
Dec.29,2000 Broccori, Brussel's Sprouts, Takana, Onion
Feb. 3, 2001 Brussel's Sprouts, Jaapanese Summer Orange
March 24,2001 Ume,Mizuna,Wakegi
April 7,2001 Sakura(Cherry blossoms)

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